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Lou tried to explain who built and excavated the impressive engineering plant of Oak Island and especially when and where. He went to England to consult Harold T. Wilkins, author of Captain Kidd and His Skeleton Island, about a link he found between Oak Island and a map in Wilkins' book. As soon as the first episode began we got a thick hint of what would happen on the island in the coming year. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. [78] Steven Sora speculated that the pit could have been dug by exiled Knights Templar and might be the final resting place of the Holy Grail or the Ark of the Covenant. When the business was closed in 1919, the stone was left behind. When a plan to shut off the alleged flood tunnels from Smith's Cove didn't work, the company decided to shift focus to the original main shaft. It was first reported in a July 2, 1862, Halifax Sun and Advisor article, which mentioned a June 2, 1862, letter by J. Although the group found the remains of an 1850 cofferdam, no evidence of anything else was found. Rentals Details: WebOak Island Treasure Found May 18, 2021 - YouTube 0:00 / 9:29 Oak Island Treasure Found May 18, 2021 Gagare1952 13.4K subscribers Subscribe 1.2K value of treasure found on oak island Verified 3 days ago Url: youtube.com Go Now I already knew they found nothing when the season started. 2020 is the year of great discoveries and a turning point in search of finance. So, lets find out more about the Oak Island treasure. [54], Australian-American actor Errol Flynn invested in an Oak Island treasure dig. [7][39] Offering a secondhand description of its discovery during the early 1800s excavation, McCully wrote: "Some [layers] were charcoal, some putty, and one at 80 feet was a stone cut square, two feet long and about a foot thick, with several characters cut on it." Two years later, Nolan's ownership of the lots was confirmed, but he was ordered to pay damages for interfering with Triton's tourist business. Later in Season 9, Episode 4, "Spoils Alert," another metallic discovery is made just 13.5 feet northeast of the gold found only two episodes ago. Bowdoin, H. L. 1911. It then took another five years before one of the alleged original diggers gave a statement regarding the original story along with subsequent Onslow and Truro Company activities. [4][13] However, the first published account of what had taken place on the Island did not appear until October 16, 1862, when Anthony Vaughan's memories were recorded by The Transcript for posterity. I really wonder how that island even still exists, like havent they stripmined it down to the ocean floor at this point? Yes, treasure has been found on Oak Island as well as many other unusual items. One person tweeted: I have a good feeling theyre going to find the treasure tonight on curse of oak island., Another said: Ive watched 9 seasons and 165 episodes of Curse of Oak Island but I really think THIS IS THE YEAR they find treasure., However, some are running out of patience when it comes to finding the treasure: Beginning to think The Curse of Oak Island is really just a curse for The History Channel. Could this be a coin used by the Knights Templar for banking purposes? [4] This would be followed by a more complete account by a justice of the peace in Chester, Nova Scotia, in 1861, which was also published in The Transcript. That explains everything. Once the brooch has been cleaned, Marty Lagina takes a moment to count the branches of the leaf. [63], Another pit, similar to the early description of the "money pit", was discovered in the area in 1949 when workmen were digging a well on the shore of Mahone Bay. . And so they began digging. If you read the story in Readers Digest published back in the 60s you can see there was certainly something man made there. No treasure, as it was recovered long ago, That was 10 minutes of my life I will never get back, The didnt flood the hole with water they hit a boobytrap. Instead of pointing to a possible position in the method of trial and error. Could Oak Island's "Money Pit" contain . If there was I think Samuel Ball found it. Sorry, this post was deleted by the person who originally posted it. First they find a part of a small horseshoe, perhaps made for a mule or a pony. [6] The accounts also mentioned "tool marks" or pick scrapes on the walls of the pit. An account of an excavation of the pit was published in the January 1965 issue of Reader's Digest. Little did he know, this article would change the outcome of his life forever. Upon landing, he came across an oak tree with unnatural markings. "A History of The Oak Island Enterprise". Although the president secretly planned to visit Oak Island in 1939 while he was in Halifax, fog and the international situation Their third and final discovery was of another small coin, presumably from the 17th century like many of the coins previously found on the island. Furthermore, the number 13 is thought to be significant to the Knights Templar, a group already heavily associated with a lot of the treasures unearthed on Oak Island. Buried treasure was officially found on Oak Island which officially solves the 400 year old mystery. May 10, 2022, Lunenburg man is facing charges for allegedly selling fake Oak Island tour tickets, Milton, Ont. Are they still there? shrsl_ShareASale_liveWid_Init(40280, 2496875, 'shrsl_ShareASale_liveWid_wideSkyScraper_populate'); Please remember to disable your adblocker to view content from our sponsors - Thank you. According to the prospectus, the stone was taken out of the chimney and moved to Halifax; there, James Liechti[47] was said to have deciphered the stone as reading: "Ten feet below are two million pounds buried".[48]. Did they hide biblical treasures there? Colorectal cancer cases rising among younger adults in Canada and U.S. Both of these shafts were filled with water when an alleged flood tunnel was again breached. The Curse of Oak Island Season 9 Episode 4 will be released on Tuesday, November 23, 2021, at 9 pm ET on the History Channel. In "The Curse of Oak Island" Season 1 finale "The Find," while searching through a swamp, metal detection expert Steve Zazulyk ran across a coin with the number "8" engraved on it. lolol. Having found nothing of interest, the group gave up the search in 1867. The stone he saw had no symbols on it. By this time, saltwater was undermining the walls of the original shaft, which some workers refused to enter. Its called Joke island. Faribault, E. Rudolph. Its interesting. [5] Another article, a year later, claimed that the stone was held by the Smith family. I think that way back when the depression under the oak tree was found, whatever treasure there may have been was ALREADY GONE. But what exactly are these interesting finds, and what historical secrets could they reveal? [20] In 1898, red paint was poured into the flooded pit by the group, reportedly revealing three exit holes around the island. The hunters . Drayton and his team found a 17th century button from a military officer's outfit, though which military it might belong to is unknown. The discoveries in the new season of the hit series on the History Channel have become hysterical. Lol same goes with Gold Rush. On appeal, Triton lost again in 1989 and Nolan's damages were reduced. [3] Byrd advised Franklin D. Roosevelt about the island;[57] the men forged a relationship, forming the United States Antarctic Service (USAS, a federal-government program) with Byrd nominally in command.[58]. This is where I get my updates at. Although Bowdoin was told that they had worn off, he was skeptical because of the stone's hardness. [18] The Oak Island Association also did some work at Smith's Cove by drilling a few shafts in an attempt to shut off and seal the alleged flood tunnels. The eighth season has already hinted that there could be gold treasures on Oak Island. [20] Dunfield's lease ended in August 1966. Knowing how high the bar keeps getting set, "The Curse of Oak Island" fansbelieve there's only one possible way that the show can redeem itself. In the 15th episode of the fifth season, "Steel Trapped," Gary Drayton and the Lagina Brothers take their metal detecting skills to the property of former treasure hunter Fred Nolan, now maintained by his son Tom Nolan. However, this coin appeared to be of a much smaller size; perhaps two Maravedis rather than eight. Recently the island has been showcased on both the discovery channel, and the history channel. The first confirmed gold found on Oak Island, this brooch dates back as early as the 14th century. Solving the mystery of Oak Island. [24] The second accidental death occurred on March 26, 1897, when a worker named Maynard Kaiser fell to his death. This type of limestone easily dissolves when exposed to water, forming caves and natural voids. GRV Media Ltd, 18 Mulberry Avenue, Widnes. Rick is a retired postal carrier. Oak Island Treasure Found May 18, 2021 Gagare1952 13.4K subscribers Subscribe 1.2K 292K views 1 year ago Breaking News: My friend John from Oak Island spend his whole life looking for. Farewell to the Morenci Smelter Stacks Phelps Dodge Morenci, Arizona, Utah's Hidden Treasure Bridgerland! [3] It wasn't until decades later that publishers began to pay attention to such activity and investigated the stories involved. "Scientists stated it was all Natural, nothing man-made" Right. Laboratory results showed exactly where water containing gold and silver elements was pumped. Read more: Doyle, Lynn C. "Nova Scotia's Treasure Island". However, in recent years some discoveries seem to suggest that people definitely did visit the island as early as the 1200s and predominantly in the 16th, 17th and 18th centuries. I heard of that place. [7] Another twist on the story has all four people involved as teenagers. Another pirate theory involved Edward Teach (Blackbeard), who said that he buried his treasure "where none but Satan and myself can find it. Triton workers excavated a 235 feet (72m) shaft, known as Borehole 10-X and supported by a steel caisson to bedrock, in 1971. B. McCully which retold the story of the stone. The wooden planks apparently matched the proportions of known viking vessels at the time cross-dated. In an 1863 newspaper article, the stone was said to have been built into the "chimney of an old house near the pit". Once the new source of metal has been x-rayed and studied, it is revealed to be composed of 0.2 percent gold, an even larger percentage of gold than the previous find. The Lagina Brothers and Gary Drayton continue their search for buried treasure by exploring the Dunfield Spoils in "The Curse of Oak Island" Season 5, Episode 3 "Obstruction.". "New season of Oak Island new nails, pieces of wood and rocks waiting to be found," another added in November 2021. Since the 19th century, many attempts have been made by explorers from different parts of the globe to locate cryptic artifacts and treasures. The show follows a weekly release format with each hour-long episode dropping every Tuesday. company works to uncover buried treasure on world-famous Oak Island. A. T. Kempton of Cambridge, Massachusetts, but no information was provided as to how or where Kempton obtained them. Buried in the ground was a small coin, what they assumed to be another 17th century Maravedi like the one found in the previous season's finale. It is expected the results will be shown on the next season of the reality show. Subscribe for more amazing videos! In his book, Snow said that he received the set of symbols from Rev. The Michigan group, working with Blankenship, said that it would resume operations on Oak Island in the hope of discovering buried treasure and solving the island's mystery. They discover a piece of metal that might just be what they've been searching for since before the show even began in 2014. Unless you think the whole thing is BS then yes. SACHIN RETIREMENT . Although the pumps could not keep up with the floodwater, tools that had been used by the Onslow and Truro companies were recovered. ", Later, in Season 5, Episode 12 "A Key to the Mystery," Templar expert Jerry Glover examines the cross and estimates that it might be from the 13th century. Or, perhaps more hopefully, could they have been dropped by a wealthy group out on Oak Island to bury treasure of their own? Was the coin brought to Oak Island by pirates, the Spanish, Egyptians, the British military, or the Knights Templar? 163-foot (50m) shaft southwest of what he believed was the site of the 1897 shaft (which was thought, without evidence, to be near the original pit). And it wasn't buried so deep that after 200 years of digging it can't be found. "Treasure Island Fabled Booty Eludes the Fortune Hunters". The original pit was re-excavated to a depth of 88 feet (27m), and two more shafts were dug. There probably was treasure but I think most of was removed years or decades or centuries ago. The title says, "solve mystery" You didnt and wasted my time with a rerun of known info and NO SOLUTION!! There are thirteen. Rick and Marty Lagina have led the charge for nine seasons now on their little slice of excavation heaven, which is situated off the coast of Nova Scotia. The rest of the story is consistent with the first involving the logs found, but ends with all four individuals giving up after digging as much as they could. The Curse of Oak Island is back in 2022 with its tenth season. Aaron McArthur has the story. He was doubtful that symbols could have worn off the rock, given its hardness. thats 2 million per cast member. Transportation of the crane to the island required the construction of a causeway (which still exists) from the western end of the island to Crandall's Point on the mainland, two hundred metres away. - May 10, 2022. Dr. Spooner conducted chemical tests of the underground water around the island during the eighth season's hunt, and found high concentrations of silver in the water so much so that he. His finds, including a solid-silver 1781 Spanish half-real, are documented on his website.[32]. Aaron McArthur has the story. With each new episode of "Oak Island," there always seems to be some sort of incredible and historic find that the show teases or hints at discovering before eventually leaving fans out to dry. "[64], According to the earliest theory, the pit held a pirate treasure buried by Captain Kidd;[4][65] Kidd and Henry Avery reportedly took treasure together, and Oak Island was their community bank. Then others went looking and found the traces of previous digs and assumed that was from whomever buried the treasure in the first place. The characters were there all right, but no person present could decipher them. Towards the end of the Season 6 premiere "Rick's Big Bang Theory," Gary Drayton and Rick Lagina search for treasure near the home of Daniel McGinnis, one of the original Oak Island treasure hunters from the 1700s. At the center of the shows mystery is the Money Pit, which was reportedly originally found in 1795. First, they find an 1800s British half penny coin. Brothers Marty and Rick Lagina and their team of treasure hunters have been digging around a Nova Scotian island for over eight years on the popular History Channel show "The Curse of Oak Island." It is typically used for mining operations. "Oak Island" seems to be as much about brotherly bonding and their testosterone-fueled adventure as it is about finding the actual treasure.