Multiple individuals familiar with the Highlands Country Club expense say it was originally supposed to be a down payment for OKeefes wedding. People close to OKeefe, however, dont put much stock in the memo. The 39-year-old from Wolverhampton announced the wedding to her followers on Twitter. They were very sneaky, as woke cowards can be However, multiple individuals with involvement spanning the existence of Project Veritas said that OKeefes imprudent spending on travel extended well beyond donor-related business, including sending limousines and expensive SUVs to pick up friends for lunch meetings, flying out girlfriends on private planes and even convincing employees to purchase gas for his boat so they could brush it off as a travel expense and get reimbursed by the organization. The 4-Day Week Is for White-collar Workers. You say you are not you, but you seem to be insider to knowledge. Through whats known as the charitable deduction, donors can essentially get a subsidy from the federal government for their donations. My Mom was one of James first supporters, and he sent her several personal emails in the early days, as well as hand signed letters. February 20, 2023 It's a sad day. Its not atypical for an organizations top fundraiser to travel in style when meeting with high-level donors and OKeefes allies argue that his packed travel and work schedule certainly called for well-appointed accommodations. Thats because the government cannot deny tax-exempt status on the basis of ideological disagreement. Our reporting ultimately suggests that neither the board nor OKeefe were entirely forthcoming about all of the allegations. We have all worked directly with Project Veritas journalists and in many cases spent months working with them and also interacting with Mr. OKeefe both before going public and afterwards during various events. Roughly 300,000 unfollowed Project Veritas, and James OKeefe gained about 300,000 followers. "I never said those words, but I'll say it now. The board members and the officers addressed here have each individually and as a group absolutely failed Project Veritas, its employees and me as both an employee and fellow board member. OKeefeisProject Veritas, after all and hes been the same person for over a decade. This article is republished from the Conversation under a Creative Commons license. She explains the press to the president, preaches Twitter-is-not-real-life, and keeps the West Wing from leaking. We sacrificed our jobs and our livelihoods in order to give James OKeefe hard evidence of fraud and corruption, at CBS news, Fox news, Google, Facebook, UPS, Pfizer, Hasbro, DHS, CNN, ESPN, HHS, and United Healthcare. I got a chuckle out of this. James OKeefe, the founder of Project Veritas, says he has been fired.He is no longer leading the conservative nonprofit organization, which is known for its use of hidden cameras and false identities to try to catch members of the media and progressive leaders saying embarrassing things and to expose their supposed liberal biases. This board used convenient ethics claims to disrupt the operation, and try a coup on the boss. Soul singer Beverley Knight was marrying her fianc James O'Keefe today, telling her fans: "I'm marrying the man of my dreams". O'Keefe founded the news outlet in 2011. At more than 45 minutes long, O'Keefe's remarks provide more information from his point of view about what's been going on, though he admits "none of this makes any sense, and why is it all happening right now? If you dont see your language, email we will add it. Multiple individuals familiar with the Highlands Country Club expense say itwas originally supposed to be a down payment for OKeefes wedding. The prevailing concern is for the future of the organization. Taking James OKeefe away from Project Veritas is like taking Patrick Mahomes from the Kansas City Chiefs. Florida Republican Wants to Cancel Democrats Over Slavery. James OKeefe will carry on, and we will be there with him. "And then suddenly, an unusual emergency happened just a few days after that," O'Keefe said before outlining his timeline of how things unfolded. Hope that pfizer money was worth it to the board. Hes started new ventures before, and his strategy is tested and proven. A tax-exempt organization cannot use its money to benefit certain individuals, especially insiders such as its leaders and major donors. James will make his own wayas he always has before. Cassandra Spencer Facebook Insider Fox News Is Reportedly Shadowbanning Donald Trump. The rule for nonprofit and tax-exempt organizations is not that they cannot make profits; it is that, unlike for-profit entities, they cannot distribute their profits to shareholders. James is the backbone and mastermind to shine the light in dark places! During a press conference, the mayor said his words about not believing in the separation of church and state were just his own beliefs. Subscribe to our newsletter to get the day's top stories sent directly to you. The third benefit: Tax exemption can provide a veneer of legitimacy to an organization by signaling to some potential donors that the federal government has approved of its activities. WebPablo Martinez Monsivais/AP. WebO'Keefe did not respond to Insider's request for comment. Because nobody slandered him maybe? The remaining shell of Project Veritas will whither and die. Things you buy through our links may earn Vox Media a commission. Rather than wait out the investigation, which was dismissed as a fishing expedition, OKeefe demanded the full resignation of the board. Reports say fourteen staff members were interviewed by the board as part of the investigation; its unclear how many of these employees went to the board of their own volition, and how many were approached by the board. ", BREAKING: James O'Keefe out at Project Veritas: "I've been stripped of my authority as CEO and removed from the Board of Directors" Later, O'Keefe said the board accused him of using company funds to pay for a $12,000 down payment on his wedding Box sizes start from 300mm (D) x 100mm (W) x 95mm (H) and range all the way up to 600mm (D) x 300mm (W) x 95mm (H). Godspeed James. They have discredited and shamed themselves. I have not listed a Christmas party as a personal wedding expense,. You are confusing yourself as to me and someone else. OKeefe was engaged at the time and he and his fiance had sent out save-the-dates for the event. He stayed true to his word and his undercover journalists went to great lengths to share our stories in the most compelling manner possible. According to its publicly filed federal tax returns, the nonprofit has been spending millions of dollars on lawyers to defend itself and OKeefe personally. So Sad. Whatever the truth of the messy circumstances, OKeefe has left the organization after a two-week period of turmoil. James OKeefe Leaves His Post as the Leader of Project Veritas Mr. OKeefe had been the face of the group of conservative provocateurs since he founded This is the fall of Project Veritas and the rise of James OKeefe. Theyre going through like a million bucks a month.. James O'Keefe the infamous exposer of liberal wrongs who founded Project Veritas in 2010 and developed the organization into a fearsome specter to mainstream media, progressive organizations, and Democrat politicians announced on Monday that he had been "removed" by his organization's board and has "no position here based upon what the board has done. Samuel Brunson is a professor of law at Loyola University Chicago. Things at Project Veritas have come to a head. Stand behind James OKeefe! The truth of the expense was that it was a payment for our annual PV Christmas party at the Highland Country Club in December of 2021.. James O'Keefe says that a Project Veritas officer lied to the board about him using corporate funds for a "wedding" despite the fact that he's never been married and James OKeefe 1:50:00 published my wedding website last Sunday. Terms of Service apply. The whistleblowers appear to stand with James OKeefe. DURABOX products are manufactured in Australia from more than 60% recycled materials. News of the action and rumors that OKeefe was about to be fired sparked a viral backlash among OKeefes large number of fans on social media, many of whom posted that there was no Project Veritas without James OKeefe. An attorney representing Project Veritas donors reportedly wrote a letter to the board threatening legal action if OKeefe were to be removed. Password must be at least 8 characters and contain: As part of your account, youll receive occasional updates and offers from New York, which you can opt out of anytime. In a war room at midnight with a few happy warriors making moves! Conservative activists who are close to Project Veritas said the board probably wrongheadedly believed that theyd be viewed as the saviors of the organization, rescuing Project Veritas from a loose cannon CEO that threatened its non-profit status. O'Keefe acknowledged in a long video posted to the Vimeo video platform that he had been forced out. ", Calling the Project Veritas board's actions an "emotional circus," O'Keefe questioned again "why there was a concerted effort to remove me the week of the biggest story we've ever had" and called the situation "extremely difficult. Someone on the point wanted J.O. It was reported that O'Keefe was on paid leave. Project Veritas claims its videos reveal that the pharmaceutical company is conducting gain-of-function research as part of its vaccine science, a charge Pfizer strongly denies. OKeefe was engaged at the time and he and his fiance had sent out save-the-dates for the event. Considering they begin ousting OKeefe within a day or so of the Pfizer disclosures, it certainly appears that there was more than just the Board members behind the decision. DURABOX double lined solid fibreboard will protect your goods from dust, humidity and corrosion. Mr OKeefe seems to be involved in a kind of do as I say and reveal and not as I act and walk, otherwise, no controversy involving his personal behavior. And and I can tell you in a personal moment of vulnerability here, that that was hard for me and a lot of people, a lot of people, in fact, I would say the majority reaction was they doxed OKeeffes wedding. OKeefe is not now, nor has he ever been married. Jeanne Stagg United Healthcare/LDH Insider However, the wedding was called off. February 20, 2023 MAMARONECK, N.Y. (AP) Project Veritas founder James OKeefe said in a speech posted online Monday that he has been removed as the right-wing groups leader. Terms under which this service is provided to you, California - Do Not Sell My Personal Information. I feel that the board is about as transparent as Biden, Kamila or Smilely empty Secretary Pete. Analytics cookies help website owners to understand how visitors interact with websites by collecting and reporting information anonymously. He was a producer and director, known for Perfect Strangers (1986), Family Matters (1989) and Cover Up (1984). He is no longer leading the conservative nonprofit organization, which is known for its use of hidden cameras and false identities to try to catch members of the media and progressive leaders saying embarrassing things and to expose their supposed liberal biases. A statement released by the Board alleged financial misappropriation and mistreatment of employees but his donors and followers arent buying it. OKeefe was placed on paid leave in early February after what people close to the organization described as a blowup in which he summarily fired a pair of top employees, including the groups chief financial officer. April Moss CBS Insider He has built a record of honesty and bravery. James will make his own wayas he always has before. Right-wing activist James OKeefe resigned Monday morning from his position leading Project Veritas, the conservative group he founded, after clashing for DeSantis Promises Florida Will Control Disney Content. Please STEVE BANNON add James to warroom.. Natalie and James working together, would be EPIC!!!!!!!!!! Its also after they sent out a letterpleading with donors to keep donating. Project Veritass high level of staff turnover approximately 140 employees in the past five years is also not that abnormal for a non-corporate media organization. The board has declared that he has had the opportunity to meet with its members to discuss allegations of financial misdeeds and mistreating staff members. The sport desperately needs to change, no matter how loudly purists complain. James O'Keefe was born on 11 January 1943 in Los Angeles, California, USA. So much is happening I can hardly keep up! James O'Keefe. Does he fear the civil court due process of discovery as to the facts of the matter ? Black cars is a reference to the Uber Black service or private town cars, which are typically roomier, more convenient, aesthetically superior and pricier. Maxwell, a Project Veritas spokesman who is close to OKeefe, tweeted later on Monday that OKeefe had not resigned but rather had been removed from his position as CEO by the Project Veritas board., This is not accurate.James was removed from his position as CEO by the Project Veritas board.They are in charge now, OKeefe subsequently posted a video of his speech announcing his departure to his employees. Sources close to Project Veritas tell The Spectator that the CFOs firing raised concerns that OKeefe may have been trying to cover up financial misdeeds. The rout ultimately escalated to OKeefe firing Project Veritass chief strategy officer Barry Hinckley and chief financial officer Tom OHara. Their burn rate is unreal, says a source familiar with the organizations operations. Best hope that the I.R.S. This site is protected by reCAPTCHA and the Google PV will certainly be audited by the IRS. You listed a Christmas party as a personal wedding expense, when Okeefe has never been married. "You are amazing people. Board minutes pasted in a video of James OKeefes final staff does not get involved with a tax audit for James OKeefe and Project Veritas sake and well being. "I don't have answers. Encrypted messages can be also be sent to me on It could also be Republican operatives. The board says OKeefe did not have the authority to fire those officers. They cannot get a better job. His celebrity and flair for self-promotion turned the nonprofit originally founded in his parents carriage house into a large and well-financed media organization with an annual budget of roughly $20 million at its peak in 2020. Yet it may not be a loss for the left. Surely Mr OKeefe values his good name and excellent reputation so as to vindicate himself of alleged wrong. Those are the questions I have," O'Keefe said. Too bad it happened to Proj Veritas but it also happened to Glenn Greenwald and hes bounced backso will Mr. OKeefe! But the man who founded the group 13 years ago has declined to take that opportunity. Where you go., US edition of the world's oldest magazine, Inside the James OKeefe ouster at Project Veritas, Exclusive: GOP questions health officials on Project Veritass Pfizer bombshell, The Katie Porter scandal everyone is ignoring, Very positive: Nebraska AG on oral arguments against student debt forgiveness, Inside the legal fight for a race-neutral America, Mostly a farce: Vivek Ramaswamy on Vanguards withdrawal from ESG fund, How Pat Buchanan redefined the twenty-first century, The California rush to replace Dianne Feinstein. James OKeefe, the founder of Project Veritas, says he has been fired. Some cookies are placed by third party services that appear on our pages. PV IS NOTHING without James OKeefe. ????? Mike Pences 2024 Strategy Totally Depends on Iowa Evangelicals. Hundreds of people violently detained during a protest in the Bronx could receive $21,500 each. Producer: Perfect Strangers. Project veritas csn just close their doors if James isnt there. I have a sneaking suspicion that the board of directors has been infiltrated by democrat operatives , leftists , Marxists , you name it ! OKeefe announced to his staff Monday that he was ousted as CEO and from the board in an emotional 15-minute video. Well. Biden Dares Republicans to Go After Obamacare and Medicaid. Then they backtracked after firing the boss, proving that their action was improper. (@disclosetv) February 20, 2023. James O'Keefe explains the events that led to the board at Project Veritas forcing him out: He fired a member of the board who disagreed with him about fundraising and that they tried to fire him while he was on a plane. KROSSTECH is proud to partner with DURABOX to bring you an enormous range of storage solutions in more than 150 sizes and combinations to suit all of your storage needs. Thats the playbook. The board said OKeefes firing of the CFO (who was later reinstated) left us no choice but to suspend him. As examples of OKeefes spending on personal luxuries, the statement listed $60,000 related to dance events where OKeefe performed routines dramatizing his life; a $14,000 charter-plane flight to meet with someone concerning repairs to his sailboat, the Lucky Charm III; $150,000 in expenses related to black cars; and hundreds of other acts of personal inurement. It said that OKeefe had shown up at the office on Presidents Day, a company holiday, to stealthily remove his belongings from the office, where he displays many mementos of his career, including a chinchilla stole that he wore in his first big sting, against the progressive community group ACORN, back in 2009. Overall, staff at the company seem split in their attitudes toward OKeefes departure. It is clear abuse of the board function. Ms. Lerner may be out, but Im sure she taught her replacements well. OKeefes supporters online have blamed Big Pharma for his sudden ouster. Someone with a corporate background then coached PV in how to dig up a scandal where none existed. Instead, furious conservatives have scrutinized their motivations and publicly stood with OKeefe. By submitting your email, you agree to our Terms and Privacy Policy and to receive email correspondence from us. I stand with James ! They are also fire resistant and can withstand extreme temperatures. Separately, three former Project Veritas employees describeda similar workplace as outlined in the internal memo to The Spectator. We want James back, but we have a duty to our generous supporters, to all of you, and to our journalistic integrity to break record stories which impact our culture, and most importantly, the future of our country, the video states. However, R.C. Were all keeping score. To learn more about the accusations against OKeefe and what the legal consequences might be for the tax-exempt organization, the Conversation asked nonprofit law scholar Samuel Brunson. James O'Keefe, President of Project Veritas Action, said in a speech posted online Feb. 20, 2023, that he has been removed as the right-wing group's leader. Despite the hype about Ron DeSantis surging past Donald Trump, both Republicans look unusually strong at this early stage of the presidential race. The former VP has an extremely narrow path to viability in 2024. They suggest that employees were cajoled into signing the letter by the board and also note that while a third of employees celebrated OKeefes departure, just as many were furious that the board ousted him. To the backstabbing traitors in the PV BOD: your names and reputations are eternally tarnished. Thought-provoking commentary and opinion on politics, books and the arts. OKeefe also indicated in the video, which he said was being recorded on February 20, 2023, that he may intend to launch a new organization. After hours of conversations with nearly a dozen Project Veritas-world insiders, the explanation for the ousting of OKeefe seems far simpler than any of the conspiracies. I see their message as a refusal to resign. To learn more about the accusations against OKeefe and what the legal consequences might be for the tax-exempt organization, the Conversation asked nonprofit law scholar Samuel Brunson five questions to explain the situation and the issues it raises. According to U.S. Treasury Department regulations, an organization that advocates for a particular viewpoint can be educational for exemption purposes, even though it advocates a particular position or viewpoint, as long as it fully presents the facts in a way that allows listeners to make an informed conclusion. This site uses different types of cookies. So where is Mr. OKeefes court injunction to stop this alleged slander and defamation. James OKeefe, who founded the undercover journalism organization, has officially resigned after internal tensions broke out into the open recently. You said alleged then later you said that if the IRS gets involved, it will be bad. The law states that we can store cookies on your device if they are strictly necessary for the operation of this site. Citizen Free Press (@CitizenFreePres) February 20, 2023 Exclusive: @JamesOKeefeIII, my friend and former boss at @Project_Veritas, just read his resignation letter to his former team and board members at their Mamaroneck, N.Y. headquarters. "Leadership has a price and results often come at a human cost," O'Keefe noted. Board members of PV REALLY screwed the pooch MAMARONECK, N.Y. -- Project Veritas founder James O'Keefe said in a speech posted online Monday that he has been removed as the right-wing group's leader. She got engaged to production technician Mr O'Keefe in November 2010. Will others follow? So, essentially, Project Veritas is no more. They plan to keep true to his mission. The video shows the bride and groom getting In remarks that appeared to have been made at a Project Veritas office, OKeefe said the board had stripped him of all decision-making. Even if the Pfizer videos had nothing to do with it, surely the board members were smart enough to realize that this is how it would appear. Needless to say we will be dealing with you again soon., Krosstech has been excellent in supplying our state-wide stores with storage containers at short notice and have always managed to meet our requirements., We have recently changed our Hospital supply of Wire Bins to Surgi Bins because of their quality and good price. He offered gold-wrapped candy bars in a stunt that showed he isnt a worthy successor to his dad. "All through the years, things fundamentally continued on an upward trajectory for this place," O'Keefe said of the organization he founded and led for more than a dozen years. I follow James OKeefe but not Project Veritos anymore. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! *Sorry, there was a problem signing you up. In its statement, the board said it wants to work things out with James, and has tried every route possible to remedy the issues at hand, but had a legal obligation to comply with state and federal law that governs spending at nonprofit organizations. PV will survive without you. A comprehensive new government study concludes that the illness probably wasnt caused by foreign adversaries. Horrible people. In remarks that appeared to have been made at a Project Veritas' office, O'Keefe said the board had stripped him of all decision-making. "And from the looks of things, many of us remain completely undefeated and unbroken. Yeah they screwed up, this was like blowing up a nuclear plant, the fallout will be the killer. Protect your important stock items, parts or products from dust, humidity and corrosion in an Australian-made DURABOX. The money was actually used for the nonprofits Christmas party, he said. I was stripped of my position as CEO and Chairman.I came to the PV The Internal Revenue Service could investigate the allegations if it wanted to do so. Visit my archives for more of my latest articles and help out by following me on Twitter @bonchieredstate. While it sounds odd that a nonprofit would have profits, it is not. The day of the boards emergency meeting, a group of employees presented an internal memo to the board detailing what they believed was a toxic work environment wrought by their former CEO. As painful as this experience must be for him, it would be hard to imagine a more powerful confirmation of the importance of the work he performed than this letter and the accompanying video from the whistleblowers. Feb 20, 2023 BREAKING: James O'Keefe REMOVED from Project Veritas following Board dispute James O'Keefe founded Project Veritas in 2011 and was its CEO. 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